Uniquely organized as a municipal corporation, we’ve proven our ability to provide the greatest overall property management value to the City and County. The concept of the Building Authority was specifically created by the Indiana State legislature in 1953 for the very purpose of
providing a suitable alternative to private sector management. 

Privately-owned management companies are required to include a tax burden in their overall cost of doing business and necessarily operate from a profit motive. We subscribe to neither.

Our scope of services and capital investments are customized to the particular needs of any facility, and we always seek to maximize
the total useful life of the asset as opposed to prioritizing front-end financial returns over facility longevity. Although another organization could attempt to offer a lower-cost option, our experience has shown that real value is determined by the breadth of the scope of services we offer, and the number of preventative maintenance work orders executed each month and year.

Aspects that set the Building Authority apart from all other property management options:


A highly qualified professional maintenance team dedicated to performance that maximizes the lifespan of the systems and equipment we service. Our maintenance record-keeping and level of detail allow us to track equipment throughout its useful life and maintain it in a way that adds years to its expected shelf life.


Our management team of experienced, dedicated construction, project management, and engineering professionals know the business and are seasoned with many years of private sector and governmental knowledge in areas of expertise.


Our bond credit rating and capacity offer the City and County an excellent option when the time comes to build or remodel facilities both large and small. 


We work closely every day with other units of government since most of them are our customers and tenants. This relationship has allowed us to build trust and the great reputation we have earned over the decades for doing the right thing, not only for the end-user but also for the facility.


Our dedicated five-member volunteer Board of Directors brings many years of
expertise from all sectors of the business community, including property management, finance, legal and governmental. These gifted individuals oversee our business strategy and provide accountability for our budget and overall management.