About the IMCBA

The Building Authority is an independent municipal corporation whose purpose is to serve the needs of local government in acquiring,
financing, constructing, and managing building projects of a substantial nature. The Indianapolis-Marion County Building Authority is an
independent body corporate and politic organized under Chapter 54 of the Acts of the Indiana General Assembly for 1953, now cited as Indiana Code §36-9-13-1, et. seq.

In the early 1950s, various civic and governmental leaders in Marion County determined that an independent municipal corporation was
needed to finance and construct a new city-county building to replace the then-obsolete and deteriorating Marion County Court House and the old City Hall on Alabama Street. The new structure would house City and County government, the police department, and the Marion County courts. Previous experience had indicated that an independent, professionally-managed entity would best serve the long-term needs of local government for a first-class government office building.

Utilizing the 1953 legislation, the then-Marion County Board of Commissioners, the Marion County Council, and the Common Council of Indianapolis, in joint action in May 1953, organized the Indianapolis-Marion County Building Authority (“Building Authority”). The Building Authority has the statutory power to construct, acquire, finance, operate, and maintain the land and government buildings for the use of
eligible government entities in Marion County.

The first project of the Building Authority was to finance and construct the City-County Building on the site of the old County Court House. Construction was started in 1959 and completed in 1962. The City-County Building, under the management of the Building Authority, has
provided space for the joint use of the City and the County since 1962. All bonds issued by the Authority for constructing the City-County Building have been repaid, and there is no outstanding debt on the building.

Since the construction of the City-County Building, the Building Authority has built or managed many properties for the City of Indianapolis and Marion County. The Building Authority has maintained a non-political operation since its inception in 1953.